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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Justin Bieber is now looking for a new girlfriend sans Selena!

The news that Canadian teen sansation Justin Bieber is losing patience with Selena after she broke plans to go to Mexico with Justin, and their hectic schedules in general are a constant source of tension, they took to prove the ease the confusion coming loudly together. 

Gomez, 19, tweeted a photo of them posing together in Toykyo, Japan on Monday. The couple, who have been publicly dating for more than 16 months, flashed peace signs in front of a colorful mural.

"Hi Japan," she tweeted as the caption. "I heart you." The "Who Says" singer accompanied Bieber, 18, on his tour overseas. The "Boyfriend" singer had a big smile on his face and put his arm around Gomez for the photo op. 

Bieber also shared a photo from a performance in Japan, and tweeted before the show, "Great day exploring in Tokyo. Ready to go hard tomorrow." He added, "This is what it's all about. About to perform for my Japanese fans. The love here has been incredible!"

Sources told Us Weekly last week that the teen superstars' relationship is fine "They are kids. Of course there are times they fight," a Bieber source explained. "Their schedules are the biggest problem. But he is all about her." A Gomez source added, "They always hit small rough patches but then stay together."

Justin Bieber is passing a good time now a days with his new album "Believe." This third album is sold over 374,000 copies in first week's sale after its June 15 release.