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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jessica Conseco is included in Exces in new VH1 reality show "Hollywood Exes"

"Hollywood Exes," the reality show in VH1, includes Jessica Canseco and Nicole Murphy in its list. They including Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia all have one thing in common: they’re all former wives of Hollywood heavy hitters, from sluggers to singers.

Jessica Canseco has joined that group being the divorce of ex-wife of baseboll star Jose Conseco. The exes  Mayte Garcia was married to Prince; Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie Murphy; Andrea Kelly was married to R. Kelly; and Sheree Fletcher married to Will Smith.

In the new VH1 reality show ‘Hollywood Exes,’ which aired its first episode last week, Canseco and the other aforementioned divorcees show the audience what their lives are like after their respective divorces–and how they were able to step out from their husband’s Hollywood-sized shadow and into their own.

“I wanted people to see the real me and who I really am,” Canseco, wife of former MLB slugger Jose Canseco, was quoted as saying by the Daily Beast. “I lived in my husband’s shadow for so long and just wanted something to finally be about me.”

In an interview with MTV News, Garcia, who was married to Prince, explains why she decided to do the show.

“The reason I decided to do the show was, first of all, the castmembers, the women,” Garcia explains. “The idea that was pitched to me was it being about us. Yes, we were married to them, but we’re all individuals. I’m an artist, she’s an artist, she has a business. It’s about showing who we are, so I decided to do it. Especially after meeting [the show's creators], I knew it was going to be good. I’m old enough now to trust my gut.”

The Exes posing in "Hollywood Exes"