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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"The Voice" is a "rebirth" for veteran popstar Christina Aguilera

"The Voice" the new album by Christina Aguilera is a "rebirth" for the singer herself as she thinks it to be. It is a comeback album after two years and two seasons from this veteran pop star With more than a decade in the music business behind her, the album will be a culmination of "everything I've experienced up until this point," the 31-year-old pop star said in a recent interview.

"I've been through a lot since the release of my last album, being on ('The Voice'), having had a divorce," she said. "This is all sort of a free rebirth for me." Aguilera and Jordan Bratman were married for five years before she filed for divorce in 2010. They have a 4-year-old son, Max.

Her new album's first single, "Your Body," was produced by Max Martin, who also produced Aguilera's last hit, the Maroon 5 smash "Moves Like Jagger," where she was featured. "I'm embracing many different things, but it's all feel-good," she said of the album's material, including tracks that are "superexpressive" and fun, with moments that are "supervulnerable."

The new album, which is without a release date or announced title, will feature fellow "Voice" coach Cee Lo Green and comes two years after Aguilera's lackluster "Bionic," which has sold 310,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That album featured electronic and dance-flavored tracks as well as pop ballads; it's her only album to not reach platinum status.

"In the fashion that I always like to put forth, it's very self-expressive and it's all heartfelt," Aguilera said of her new material. Adam Levine, Maroon 5 frontman and a "Voice" coach, told Aguilera at a recent news conference for the show that he'd heard "Your Body" and added, "I hate you because it's so good." Aguilera will perform the song on NBC's "The Voice" on Sept. 17. The show's third season starts Sept. 10.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Christina Aguilera Hate Tony Lucca! a question raised in "The Voice"

Christina Aguilera

The final four contestants of the NBC singing contest series "The Voice" took to the stage on Monday a day before the season 2 finale, with what has become expected drama from dominant coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.

Monday's pre-finale episode saw the two butt heads once again with regard to Levine's contestant, Tony Lucca. The Michigan native, whose history of appearing on "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" with Aguilera when they were younger has been a dominant storyline on "The Voice," has drawn mostly lukewarm and negative critiques from Aguilera.

The show’s meanest coach has been inexplicably hating on the fan-favorite finalist since day one, and her wrath came out so strongly May 7 that Adam Levine reportedly had to step in and shut her down!

Christina was said to be offended by Tony’s decision to sing Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems,” leading to a pre-show clash with Adam, who nobly stepped up to bat for his artist. Adam publicly squashed the feud by baring a “Team Xtina” shirt during the live show, but Christina wasn’t ready to make nice as easily.

“Your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight, and I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women,” she told Tony after his performance, though she did acknowledge he “sounded great.” Christina was also nowhere to be seen when Adam and Tony performed their duet.

I’m sorry, but since when is Christina a shining beacon of female empowerment? And what exactly would she choose as an anthem for her cause? “Dirrty”? Because I’m pretty sure that little chart topper — and its accompanying music video, rife with ass-less chaps — represented women in the worst light possible.

And this was merely the latest in a long line of disses Christina served to Tony throughout the season. It began when she didn’t recognize him during his audition, despite starring alongside him in The Mickey Mouse Club for two years in the ’90s, the continued as she delivered harsh, irrational critiques of his performances.
“I hope this is really a contest about the voice,” Christina said one week. “I think there are just better voices on the show, rather than a celebrity sway kind of thing.” She’s also accused Tony of being a one-note performer.

“All of the other coaches have been pretty respectful about each other’s choices, but now it seems like she’s just flat-out trying to get me out of here,” Tony told People earlier this month.

I don’t know what Christina’s problem is, but it’s clear she’s not on Team Tony. I know it, the viewers know it, and worst of all, Tony knows it. But will her endless tirade against her fellow Mouseketeer cost him the competition? We’ll find out tonight when The Voice crowns the winner of season two!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera comes different in a Music Video of their song 'Moves Like Jagger'

Christina Maria Aguilera
The front man and guitarist of pop rock band Maroon 5 Adam Noah Levine and Star Search program 1990 contestant American recording artist Christina Maria Aguilera jointly released a music video of their hit song 'Moves Like Jagger" on Tuesday August 16. But before that they performed it on "The Voice," an American Talent Show.

The video begins with a old fashioned black and white version and then it flips into a new one, colorful and full of modern models wearing Jagger-esque wigs and dresses. They are dancing around the set like the Rolling Stone front man. Levine along with the models is jumping and twisting and imitating one another shirtless and the models with different kinds of dresses in front of a Union Jack.

Adam Noah Levine
Then Aguilera's tern comes as in the song itself. She with a black floppy hat and Twiggy-esque eyelashes, looking like a Rolling Stones muse. The video ends with a confetti rains coming down on Levine and Aguilera and other models. The video is very special because of the style of presentation on behalf of the participant and the singers. The camera crews also contribute a lot as they continually cut the scene back and forth giving an air that the filming is not going on in single place.