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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miley Cyrus in the red carpet premiere of "The Hunger Games": revealing two-piece by Emilio Pucci

Former Disney Darling, actress-singer Miley Cyrus joined her boyfrien Australian actor Liam Hemsworth in the premiere of "The Hunger Games", to support her friend's who plays Gale Hawthorne in the film. Miley joined the star-studded Hollywood premiere looking sex-ay as ever when she appeared on the red carpet in a revealing two-piece by Emilio Pucci(the same designer as Paltrow's outfit) that showed off her cleavage and abs. The skin-revealing look is a major departure from the ultra-glamorous Roberto Cavalli gown Cyrus, 19, wore at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last month.

Miley and her friend  Gale Hawthorne in the premiere of "The Hunger Games"

And when Ashlan Gorse and Catt Sadler caught up with Miles on the charcoal and gold carpet at L.A. Live, they asked her what she thought the hardest part of filming H.G. was. To which she said, "I think the hardest part for Liam was being away from me."

She continues:"And his brother and his family," Miley—who donned a gorgeous glittery bustier and long black skirt by Pucci—explained. "At least he's not in a tour bus and is in a nice hotel somewhere. It's a little less bumpy, a little more sleep." Liam seemed happy enough about his Hunger shoot though:

"On one hand, it's hard being on your own, but on the other, I'm making movies and it's something I love," Liam (who gushed about how "stunning" his girlfriend looked) said. "One of the great things about this job is traveling getting to see the country and the world."

And Miley was more than happy to keep chitchatting about her man, especially when it comes to their alone time together and fending off those pesky paparazzi: "We have three dogs, so that takes up most of our time," Miley told us about what the twosome do during their downtime. "The only time we leave the house is to go to the pet store or the park...The paparazzi the other day, I told him to get a real job and he said ‘Yeah,
you too!' and it's kind of true."

"I thought he was kind of quick," Miley (who said she feels most comfortable spending time on the "chill" East Coast and in Nashville) laughed. "I said ‘You can have the picture, that's funny.'" Unfortunately, the media attention won't be dying down anytime soon. Now that Liam is a huge franchise star, after all. "I'm probably going to see this about 13 times," Miley said about seeing Hunger Games for the first time tonight. "I'm going to be a fan soon after this comes out. I'm going to be addicted."

Miley Cyrus in the premiere with the gown similar to Gwyneth Paltrow gown in Emmy