Friday, July 22, 2011

Vienna Girardi has undergone a plastic surgery to get a new nose.

Vienna Girardi, one of the final four bachelorettes on the reality series, The Bachelor, has undergone a rhinoplasty on July 15, 2011 done by Dr. Franklin Rose -- whose daughter, Erica Rose, is another Bachelor alum, and one of Girardi's Bachelor Pad 2 costars. The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are set to appear on ABC’s Bachelor Pad 2 and Girardi recently revealed news of the new nose.

“It has only been a few days since my surgery and I’m in a ton of pain but the excitement of seeing my new nose soon is keeping me in good spirits,” she said.
What inspired the 25-year-old Florida native to go under the knife? "Sometimes our beauty is seen differently from within ourselves than what reflects in society's mirror," says Girardi. "I went through life questioning myself in the mirror, but my reflection smiles now...If it makes you feel better about yourself, then I say do it" The talked-about reality star -- now dating Bachelorette alum Kasey Kahl after the termination of the engagement with Jake Pavelka, a professinal pilot, ended abruptly in June 2010.
Girardi and Pavelka
"I have my wonderful boyfriend Kasey Kahl here taking care of me and my girlfriend Erica Rose."

During the Bachelor show's finale, Pavelka proposed to Girardi and the couple became engaged. Vienna Girardi's break up with Jake Pavelka  is the most dramatic breakup in Bachelor's history. The two will be back in Bachelor Pad 2 August 8 version. 

Girardi was born in 1986, in Geneva, Florda, USA to Vinnie and Tina Girardi. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communication. 
Girardi and Kahl


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